How to feed

Feeding is quick and easy.  There are various options depending on what kind of feeder/receiver you use and your desired level of customization. Custom Feeder

ADSBx offers a custom ADSBX feeder image with stats, dashboard, maps, US sectionals, offline vector maps, and many more features!

Statistics displayed in a local dashboard!

No external sites like FlightAware and FlightRadar24 data mining you and no TCK/TCL channels to compromise security of your network.

The ADSBx image will feed FA, FR24, and all other ADS-B sites if you install their respective feeder clients ONLY.

Beware that other site clients are not as polite as ADSBx and will occasionally try to take over your feeder.

WARNING: Installing FR24 client with improper configuration, installing FlightAware’s dump1090-fa, or dump978-fa will likely break your feeder if you don’t know what you are doing.


ADSBx Dashboard

Dump1090 Map Layers Selection



The “script” Method

ADS-B Exchange Setup Scripts

These scripts aid in setting up your current ADS-B receiver to feed ADS-B Exchange.  At a minimum, you will need a Pi running any Raspbian image that has dump1090 already installed.

The script method for all feeders that have dump1090 outputting beast data on port 30005.

FlightRadar24 installations wil need to enable beast tcp on 30005 in FR24 configuration.

FlightAware PiAware 3.5.3+ should work without issue.


Obtaining And Using The Scripts

Running the following commands will download the contents of this repository and begin setup.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git socat
git clone
cd adsb-exchange
chmod +x
sudo ./

After completing the setup do not delete this repository.

The script creates two files, one named and another named which will reside in this folder containing a clone of this repository. The path to execute these scripts after each reboot has been set to this location in /etc/rc.local.

Deleting this adsb-exchange folder will result in both the and scripts to not be executed thus not enabling your receiver to feed ADS-B Exchange after your device has been rebooted.

All MLAT participants will receive a back-feed of any aircraft where their data was used in the calculations. Unlike FlightAware and FlightRadar24, no aircraft will be censored, hidden, removed, or otherwise scrambled.

Reporting Issues
Feel free to report any issues you encounter with this script using the forum or contact ADSBx here.

Discord Chat: 


Notes on FlightAware / FlightRadar24 feeder images feeding ADSBx

If you already have a FlightAware PiAware  feeder setup on a Pi. Use script method above.

FlightRadar24 Pi feeders require configuring the fr24-feeder to stop shutting off dump1090 ports. FR24 will likely break your feeder on updates as well – therefor using FR24 image is not recommended.

FlightAware 3.6.3 Tutorial:


That’s it, your traffic should now appear on the Global Radar Page.



If this is not clear, or you have questions, please start a thread in the forums and we can discuss.